Former model and advocate for Aboriginal women, Sylvia Giacci, initiated The Dreamtime Project. Her idea was to engage girls in an area she knew well and knew girls were drawn to, to drive an empowerment project.

Using the platform of modelling and fashion, the Dreamtime Project engages girls in ways that help them increase their confidence, self-worth and self-image through workshops and activities in modelling, fashion, culture, education, health and wellness, spirituality and leadership. 

Sylvia has carved a successful career both in front and behind the camera.  She attributes her success to her grooming and deportment classes from the age of 15, which built her confidence from a extremely shy teenager to becoming a in-demand model and stylist.

It is through her own experiences, that she developed The Dreamtime Project Program which is innovative and unique that has produced powerful outcomes.

Her down-to-earth approach and passion is welcomed by community.  Sylvia philosophy is to be able to create change in oneself, we must not over project information that is clinical and sterile, but rather create a honest, safe space for communication and learning that is fun and interactive.

Sylvia is actively involved in forums and key note speaking about the work of The Dreamtime Project.


Women are the first influencers in a child's life.

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When girls are educated, healthy, safe and supported, they have the potential to transform everything around them.  

We have witnessed many of our young women become their own advocates for change, which involves the whole community, from Grand-Mothers, Mums, Dad's and Aunties, who support the program and the girls, in moving forward toward standing up, having a voice and being confident in who they are.

The Dreamtime Project supporters often attend weekend workshops to provide guidance on cultural issues as well as encouraging the participants, many of whom have relocated to Perth for school. Often a long way from home, participants are without families or networks, and the Dreamtime Project facilitates a connection to a community of peers – who often become second families.

Outcomes of The Dreamtime Project are clear. We have been approached by parents, schools, tertiary institutions and employers, who have spoken about the impact we have made in terms of building confidence, increasing school outcomes, workplace retention and overall, many participants have happier and more content attitudes toward school, work, community and life. 

The newly developed program functions in two phases;

  • Fashionably Empowered Program.
  • Dreamtime Leadership Program.

Both programs operate for 8 weeks each, during school terms.  The Fashionably Empowered Program is the foundation and all participants much complete this first before proceeding to the Dreamtime Leadership Program.

Upon completion, participants can realistically expect to have more confidence and motivation, have set and clear goals, communicate more assertively and effectively, improved engagement at school, build a strong work ethic. ability to manage time, plus much more.

The success of The Dreamtime Project has reached to Indigenous communities internationally, who are keen to introduce this program into their communities.  We cannot express how life changing this program is and the value it brings to one's every day life.