Dreamtime Leadership Program

Our Aboriginal young Women are trail blazers, who are stepping up to take the lead as passionate explorers in the pursuit of excellence, knowledge and culture.


Leading The Way.

The Dreamtime Leadership Program has been developed to form a cohort of emerging Aboriginal young women leaders who will embark on the program together, so that participants become active role models in their communities.

Our future leaders will be well educated in community practices and contemporary leadership skills, inclusive of all aspects of capacity building which can be passed from Elders, communities and modern professionals.  Further education is necessary for future sustainability and greater autonomy over their futures.

The Dreamtime Leadership aims to:

  • Build leadership capacity in participants and communities.

  • Increase education, training and opportunities for participants.

  • Create a pool of Aboriginal young women youth leaders and develop a mentoring program.

Cross Cultural Experience.

A component of Dreamtime Leadership is a cross cultural experience with global First Nations female youth.  We believe that our young women's development will elevate to it's highest potential by bringing together multiple stories and perceptions from cultures around the world to bring about resilient solutions.

We are providing a platform for Dreamtime Leadership participants to become "Global Citizens."  To learns skills, to seek higher education, to be life long learners and teachers, who are comfortable in any situation they are presented with.

 A sound understanding of the world is essential to become globally competent. Travelling and connecting with other First Nations youth will create awareness and a curiosity on how the world works.

 For participants to be eligible to apply, they must of graduated from The Fashionably Empowered Program and the Dreamtime Leadership program.